Let a glassboard speaks for you

Introducing a modern visual communication solution for offices, design studios, commercial spaces, meeting and conference rooms, and classrooms. Glassboards are ideal for regular use.

The accessories for glassboards are based on extra strong magnets. Thanks to the effective way of attaching directly to the glass board to keep them organized and design clear.

We offer a complete solution for the functional use and care of the glassboard. Selected accessories for magnetic glassboard bring color, joy and life to every space. Meet the highest standard of quality and design.

Personalized glass eraser

Glassboard eraser with top glass in modified color with own logo.

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White board marker

Black glassboard marker Pentel MAXIFLO 6 mm.

4 color white board markers

Black, blue, green and red glassboard marker Pentel MAXIFLO 6 mm.

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Black microfiber cloth

Black microfiber towel 30x30 cm.

Black box

Black box 6x6x6 cm.

Extra strong magnets Ø 20mm, 3 pcs

Super strong round magnets 10mm high, with diameter 20mm.

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Extra strong magnets Ø 10mm, 5 pcs

Super strong round magnets 10mm high, with diameter 10mm.

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Magnetic rings Ø 16mm, 2 pcs

Keep markers at disposal. 

Insert magnetic stainless steel ring on the marker and attach it with an extra strong magnet directly to the glassboard.

Round ring 11mm high, with internal diameter 16mm.

Perfectly tailored on a cap of marker Pentel MAXIFLO 6mm.