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Quō mobile quboard

Quō vadis? Yeah, exactly! Where are you going? Well, it’s your business pretty much, but let us tell you that wherever you go you can take a Quō with you. It’s the one with wheels. So just take it next room if that’s where you need. Go on, impress the big wheels in the meeting room!

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Labōrō wall quboard

Is it a hanging glass board or a design accessory? One another. His practicality is indisputable - wipe glassboard super fast and with no smudges. Presentations, sketches or notes will bounce along like no other board. However, LABŌRŌ will be exemplified as a unique design complement on the wall of your office, consulting room, lecture room or architectural studio. Immediately, you will know the difference, as you hang it on the wall.

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Tablō design mini quboard

Express your personality. Tablō serves like noticeboard to motivational quotes, announcements or short messages. Hang there unique photos and all what you love.

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Quboard against the machine

Who says the world of offices, meeting rooms, study halls and what not has to be boring and lifelless? We hunger to furnish it all with bright colours, real emotions and unique ideas. We are on a quest for a functional beauty!

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Super fast & easy to clean

No stains, unwanted marks or unnecessary waste. Unlike whiteboards or blackboards Quboard doesn’t leave any traces of evidence of your past ideas, notes, drawings or whatever you scribble onto it. You can wipe it all off with one simple move. And unlike flipcharts it doesn’t leave any paper waste. Time & Planet saving!

It’s magnetic

Yes, there is some magnetisms in Quboard. Literally. You can use magnets of different sizes and colours to make your work more organized or simply to brighten up your day. Or even better you can have your logo on it. Which is cool. Sometimes it’s cool to be cool just for the sake of it.

Customizes design

Your company or institution is most probably like no other or definitely tries to be. Select your own colors, shapes, sizes of your Quboard. Choose your accessories and what they should look like. Put your logo on it. It’s cool to have your logo on stuff isn’t it?

Looks fab

As much as we love the functionality of our glassboards, we are absolutely excited about its looks. It’s sleek, it’s cool, and it’s exactly what you need to make your place shine. It’s a cool looking tool.

It’s a guarantee of quality

The base of Quboard is an extra-clear glass with reduced metal content. It has increased surface hardness and therefore we guarantee its long life.

Accessories ❤ QU

Improve and expand your Quboard with stylish accessories and equipment.


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